Official FIFA world cup emblem for the U-17 category released in Goa


Goa on Tuesday played host to the release of the official FIFA world cup emblem for the U-17 category.  FIFA President Gianni Infantino, All India Football Federation (AIFF) Praful Patel and Union sports minister Vijay Goel were present for the release.

“It is clear for all to see how football has already been making huge strides in India,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino in a news report. (Source:

“But there is still an enormous room for growth, and the FIFA U-17 World Cup can be an ideal catalyst to develop the sport even further and across the whole country. This is an exceptional opportunity to converge two of FIFA’s core missions: to organise tournaments and to promote football development,” he added.

About the emblem:

The designers of the emblem have tried to capture India’s diversity by deriving inspiration from Indian elements. The elements are the Indian Ocean, the banyan tree, the kite and the starburst (interpretation of Ashoka Chakra).

  • Indian Ocean – It is an integral part of the subcontinent.
  • Banyan tree – It is under the shade of this tree that villagers would gather to discuss important matters. In addition, it is the national tree of India.
  • Kite – It symbolises freedom and fun. Capturing the soaring ambitions of the young and vibrant democracy.
  • Starburst – It represents the festive spirit of India.

Though the official FIFA world cup emblem contains elements of India, yet its figure is global. With global acceptance, the U-17 FIFA world cup will take place in 2017. The matches will be hosted in India. Six venues have been selected.