Oktoberfest 2017 at the Inox Courtyard in Goa in October


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest and most famous beer festival held every year in Munich. The festival began in 1810 and is also held annually in many countries and cities across the globe. In Munich, it runs for approximately 16 – 18 days during the last week of September and runs into the first week of October.

This year, a collaboration between Bullseye Entertainment and SINQ Hospitality brings Oktoberfest to the Inox Courtyard in Panjim on the 21st and 22nd of October.

Oktoberfest 2017 at Inox Courtyard

The Entertainment at Oktoberfest 2017

Since 2011, which was when Oktoberfest was first held in Goa, Electronic Dance Music (or EDM) has played a big part of the music scene.

However this year, the festival has the best bands from Goa and out of state playing some really good music. Let’s read up on them here.

Rhapsody Out Loud (ROL) – Its what happened when 7 super talented youngsters from Mangalore came together at the last minute for a gig. They sounded so good that they decided to do it again and again and again. They play a multitude of genres like Mash-ups, Indo-anglo fusion, Pop, Rock, Slow Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Country, Reggae, Acoustic etc. And they were Quarter-Finalists on one of India’s most viewed TV reality show – INDIA’S GOT TALENT.

The Family – A band based out of Mumbai, they play Alternative-Progressive-Rock, Acoustic, Pop-Rock, Bollywood, Retro.

SMOOTH  – Now this one I know. A 5 piece Goan band they know how to get the crowd on their toes. They specialize in western ballroom, Jazz, Pop and also Konkani & Swahili music.

True Blue –  A young and upcoming local Goan band led by Zubin Da Cruz, the son of the one and only late Emiliano Da Cruz. The band has earned a reputation for their crazy energy and versatility. You can see and hear this in their music and explosive performances too. True Blue specializes in Rock, Blues, Country etc.

Alphacode 7 –  A  brand new live band with some of the best musicians and singers from Goa. Their music style follows Pop, Funk, Dance, Rock and cover most of the latest English and Bollywood Songs. Alphacode 7 style. Looking forward to hearing them at Oktoberfest 2017.

A26 – There’s a song titled “Save the Best For Last” and that’s certainly what has happened here. Everyone knows and loves A26. With powerhouse vocalists Lester Rodrigues and Chrystal Farrell and a multitude of talent with Marwino, Grayston and the rest, this is definitely the best band in Goa and no one can miss hearing them.

So get ready for a fun Diwali weekend and come enjoy the Oktoberfest Goa vibe. A two day, high octane beer and music festival. There’s non-stop music, a flea market environment and a selection of beers from across the world. Apart from music, Oktoberfest will see stand up comedian Nitin Mirani and dance performances by The Beaumont Company.

In fact, the organizers have been kind enough to share the line-ups for each day. So if these won’t get you there, I don’t know what will.

21st October 2017 has performances by Smooth, Alphacode 7 and Rhapsody Out Loud (ROL) and a dance performance by Sonia Jaffer and the Beaumont Company.

22nd October 2017 has performances by True Blue, A26 and The Family. Nitin Mirani is going to perform his stand up comedy routine as well. The night ends with a fashion show by Verma D’Mello.

Food stalls include Showbar, Moki Bar and Kitchen, Lizya Desserts, Goan Delicacy,  Pizza Mia and German food by Rahul Mark.

The best part for all those who aren’t prepared for the night to end is the after parties. Find out more when you get to Oktoberfest Goa.


Here’s what Oktoberfest looks like in Europe.
Pic is for representation only.
Pic credit – www.festicket.com

Source – Oktoberfest Goa and PartyOwl