Olnet Production House

Olnet Production House to nurture talent, set in an old heritage home


Goa is fast becoming a part of the startup culture. Young entrepreneurs all over the state are coming up with some pretty innovative ways to create business. It’s not just the IT sector that is getting a boost. The arts seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon too. Check out the recently inaugurated Olnet Production House at Sangolda. The House was launched by a company with the same name sometime in 2015. It has been started to give people a chance to enhance their talents in art, music, theatre, sports, and acting.

Enhancing your skills at the Olnet Production House in Sangolda

Olnet Production House is set in a lovely old heritage home in Sangolda. The house has been refurbished and refurnished by everyone that is a part of this wonderful establishment. It has stood for approximately 140 years and will come alive with the sounds of young voices ringing in the air. A lot of work – including the painting and decoration work, lights, leveling the ground outside – has gone into making it a warm, comfortable space where everyone interested can enhance their skills.

The organization is made up of teachers and students and there are 3 very enterprising youngsters from St. Xaviers College in Mapusa heading up this venture. They are – president, Netwin Antao; secretary, Natasha Pereira and treasurer, Cedrick D’Cunha.

It’s the brainchild of Netwin. He wanted to establish a production house and network of people that could share ideas and help bring out the best in each other’s skills and talents. It’s not limited to just children. Adults and anyone can join provided they are truly interested and willing to do the work.

Natasha says: “We started it in an old heritage house because we wanted to work on it and make it creative in keeping with the adage ‘old is gold’”.

While they do have great expectations for the production house, they are also going to need a lot of support and encouragement from the public. And so far, it looks like that will be a reality given the hard work they have put in and the good response to the same.

Bring out all your talents in art, music, theatre, sports, and acting

Whatever you fancy, classes will be held in acting, singing, dancing, art, music for several age groups, apart from several workshops. The art classes are open to children above the age of four and there will be dance classes in all styles and Zumba in the mornings and evenings. People can learn music on various western musical instruments. Theatre classes will be in English, Konkani, and Hindi; in fact, the production house has been staging a tiatr every year, since inception.

They definitely have grand plans for the Olnet Production House. As Natasha says, “Classes will be taken by professionals in various batches and at different timings so basically the house will be operational for the entire day. Also, we are planning on staging an annual event and showcase the talents of the individuals.”

Natasha also says that they hope to build a large network where they can help people become confident enough to pursue their dreams and succeed in a big way.

You can visit them at:
H.No 88 Mae-De-Deuswaddo,
Chogm Rd, Sangolda, Bardez, Goa 403511

If you would still like more information, call them at +91 7798241159/ +91 9730508414 or email on [email protected].

Information credit – The Navhind Times