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When the pandemic brought businesses to a standstill, a group of youngsters from the hospitality sector decided to find a way to help people find jobs and provide services that met various demands of the industry. They launched an App – Order Local Goa, through which they supply groceries all over the State and help out restaurants in and around Panjim too with their food delivery orders.

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The whole concept of ‘Order Local Goa’ originated from the idea of building an ecosystem for a self-sustainable Goa, a need that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has opened every Goans’ eye to. These unfortunate times have taken a huge toll on local businesses in Goa, many of whom are still searching for alternate means to survive. The team at ‘Order Local Goa’ realized the lack of a local, organized and convenient platform where local businesses and vendors could easily display their delicacies and products for customers to pick from. Their desire is to create an on-demand, convenient, and safe medium of ordering products that Goans need today. Basically, it’s an app for Goans by Goans.

Not everyone sees and seizes an opportunity during a crisis, especially when it’s as big and unprecedented as the Covid outbreak. When lockdowns were imposed last year, the economy was hit badly and the uncertainty it caused led to large-scale job cuts all over.

However, a group of young entrepreneurs from Goa refused to simply wait for the economy to return to normalcy and decided to tackle the problems they and others around them were facing.
Coming from a hospitality background, they were aware of people who had lost jobs and also businesses, such as small enterprises that were struggling to stay afloat due to the pandemic.
Against that backdrop, their venture ‘Order Local Goa’ (OLG) was born and today, over a year later, it has already grown to be a well received product.

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OLG was founded in September 2020 by a trio of aspiring entrepreneurs from Goa with the purpose of developing a self-sustainable ecosystem in the State by supporting food, beverage and essential businesses run and owned by locals and also delivering groceries all across Goa.
‘Order Local Goa’ is an easy-to-use app that can get your favourite dishes or home essentials delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. You can download the ‘Order Local Goa’ app from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as well.

The team has always tried to offer a convenient and safe delivery solution to customers who would not need to leave the safety of their homes in these unprecedented times.
One can pay for your order through ‘Cash on Delivery’, with your Credit / Debit Card or with registered UPI too.

‘Order Local Goa’ was created ‘For Goans by Goans’ and is committed to creating a self-sufficient Goa. Through the vision of creating a local delivery platform, the team also aim at creating multiple job opportunities for locals which in turn would contribute to boosting the local economy by circulating the revenue generated within the state.

The service of the app is available for each and every customer irrespective of their demographic. ‘Order Local Goa’ has some of Panjim’s best restaurants on-board, along with exclusive vendors for Fresh Produce and Home Essentials. The team also encourage customer feedback and suggestions to ensure that they keep improving and serving the customers better each day.

Goa has always been a unique market to enter and impress in. Millennials and the oldest spectrum of Post-Millennials have already adapted to the concept of convenient food delivery right to their doorstep. Brands like Swiggy and Zomato have really revolutionized the concept of food delivery today. With almost everyone having a smartphone today, applications providing precise, easy, and convenient solutions are already all the rage. The next 5 years are only going to see a considerable increase in demand for services like food delivery, as customers keep experiencing an increase in the pace of their lifestyle.

With the Order Local Goa customer app receiving 1000+ downloads in just a few months since its release and multiple orders being placed directly from their customers, the entrepreneurs attributed their success to the fact that they were solving a major requirement that the sector had been facing for a while.