It’s fortunate that one does not need a ‘fortunate cookie’ to give one a great feeling. Or does one? Whichever way you look at it, The HQ in Vasco has reopened its Oriental flagship restaurant with a spankling new look and a refreshed menu. The Asian menu with old traditional favourites and newly introduced preparations – Chinese, Japanese and Thai flavors promises to unravel the mysteries of the East with one’s taste buds playing an important part in this adventure. The delightfully refurbished restaurant with shades of lemon green and golden yellow heralds a dawn of a revitalized aspect of the East. The seating is comfortable and one gets a cozy feel seated on tables with stylish covers amidst contrasting wooden panels. The chef has worked on the old menu with a creative infusion of creativity and taste.

Here seems to be ample choice for the non vegetarian and vegetarians too. Order the Cottage Cheese Tsinghai… Sing hai, hai as the red roundels in its oriental sauces melt in your mouth. Or perhaps the Mushroom Chi-Chi. Stuffed with cheese and crisp mushrooms in the garlic sauce tempts the salivary glands to play around for more. The Dragon Chicken…the crispy scales crunch as you bite the slivers of chicken, the feisty combo of sauce marinade a delight as a start. Then there is the Ori Basket …a basket of temptations for all traditional dumpling lovers…and for those who like to savour the taste of an oriental-styled bhel-puri – the salad Mau Kie Hui is the one to order. For those residing in the South…sushi lovers drop in to try the Vegetable Maki – the nori and sticky rice mouthfuls with the delightful mix of wasabi and soy…great on a hot summer afternoon. For mains try the Kampong Chicken …thick batons of fried chicken in a zesty ginger and onion sauce complements the Udan noodles.

Then the Hot Lemon Fish…strong on lemon grass, chili and lemon. The flavours are strong…but tasting it with just white rice would be the best combo. The Oriental Pork Chops had some finger licking gravy. The new entrant like the Lemon Basil Thai Curry Rice appeals to the palate. For desserts there are Darsan (honey noodles). Date Pancakes and an original Chef Raj’s Philippine styled Caramel Custard with lychees. And there is an incredible aftermath too. The fortune cookies that reach the table a la Ori style (small crisp waffle styled wantons) with your personal ‘fortune’ for the experience to follow. Ori is a value for money, creative and tasty Oriental experience if you happen to be on this side of town.


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