A taluka far away from the tourist spots in a heritage house in Quepem, Palacio Do Deao is not actually a restaurant in the conventional sense. It is a house packed with history built in 1780. This 213-year-old mansion by a Portuguese nobleman, who was the Dean of Church, and founder of Quepem town. Revamped by in 2005 by Ruben Vasco da Gama and his wife Delia, the hose with elements of Hindu and Portuguese architecture faces the church built by the nobleman and is on the banks of the wildly beautiful Kushavati River. Call if you are going over for a visit, they will cook traditional Goan-Portuguese food for you. Lunch tables are laid out in the patoi behind the house, surrounded by gardens on both sides..another of its outstanding features. The lush gardens which preserves the historical features and have since old times, been known as the most beautiful pleasure gardens in Goa. Or dine in the huge dining room, the Portuguese Goan meal is well suited in this ambience.