Astrologers will peer at the palm of your hand. They will drone about what destiny has in store for you. The very essence of where your life is headed. They foretell your fortune, Can this also happen where food is concerned? It’s here on the beaches of Arrosim. A place where can you get the essence of Goa literally in the palm of your hand. As you sit with the sea breeze lifting stray tendrils off your forehead under blue skies, the tranquil sea ahead, and miles of sand stretched ahead of you, as you hanker for a taste of what is the true sense of gourment dining, the chef’s have foreplanned a menu. Seafood to tantalize your tastebuds, and spirits to buoy up your mood…it is at the Palms, the place for seafood at the Park Hyatt right on the beach.

At noon when the sun is at its zenith, it is time to chill down with a refreshing spirit a Margarita or perhaps a Mai Tai and feast on appetizers. Start with their signature preparations Pan-fried Scallops with beetroot jam and carrot ginger sauce. Would you be able to foresee the colours of two colours of the vegetables vie with each other as the scallops reign supreme on the center of your plate? Hold your knife and fork in the palm of your hand and begin. The chef’s have already predicted the flavours that will unravel on the orifice of your mouth. And it is not only seafood that holds the key for your tastebuds.

The Angus Beef Rib Eye with a choice of rosemary, mushrooms, peppercorn, spicy tomato or lemon-butter sauce. The scots would blow their bagpipes out loud…or perhaps the New Zealand Lamb Chops with a choice of rosemary, mushrooms, peppercorn, spicy tomato or lemon-butter sauce. Soft, succulent as your cutlery slides through the meat…chop…chop…chop. Cool off those digestive churnings as the sun slowly sets and the evening shadows begin to fall. Try the ice creams or perhaps the moist Pistachio Cake, semi whipped cream and mint sauce. Come Friday night and the chefs are out at dawn to bring in a seafood bonanza. Fishy flavours and crustacean cravings, unlimited at a fixed price…one does not need an astrologer to tell you what is to follow. It’s all in the palms is in your hand.


0832 2721234
Park Hyatt, Arrosim Beach, Cansaulim, Goa.

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