Panjim water crisis

Residents of Boca de Vaca ‘spring’ into action during Panjim water crisis


To say it’s been a rough few days for Panjim is an understatement. Residents across the capital have not had water for almost a week. Last Friday, heavy rains and a resulting landslide led to the breakage of a major pipeline near Ponda, at the Opa water supply plant. This halted the supply of water to Panjim, and the residents of the city have been suffering. CM Pramod Sawant assured people that the line would be fixed as early as Monday, but due to complications, the work was delayed by an additional 48 hours. The interim solution during the Panjim water crisis was to provide tankers to those affected. For the residents of Boca de Vaca, however, there was a shining light in the form of Devanand Mayenkar and his wife Diksha. 

Boca de Vaca
Devanand and Diksha (courtesy screengrab from In Goa 24×7)

Pumped up and ready to go

Boca de Vaca meaning ‘face of the cow’ is one of two major springs that exist in Panjim. Back in the day, the spring was the primary source of water for the capital. In fact, even today, people visit the spring regularly as it is said that the mineral-rich water possesses medicinal properties. After the renovation of the spring, it has become even more accessible, with visitors able to literally ‘walk over’ the beautifully illuminated water thanks to the transparent floor of the tunnel that leads to the source.

After the pipeline burst, residents of Boca de Vaca, Devanand Mayenkar and his wife Diksha decided to harken back to those good ol days when water supply wasn’t a problem. Using their own money, they procured 4 pumps and 10 pipes of 30 meters each. With a virtually unlimited supply of water, Devanand and Diksha have been supplying water to pretty much the whole of Althino. Since certain parts of the hill are inaccessible by water tankers, this act of kindness has been a massive blessing to the residents in the area. It also helps that the GTDC has maintained the Boca de Vaca spring, allowing for clean water to be pumped, thereby averting the Panjim water crisis.

The residents are more than ‘tank-full’

Residents of Althino have nothing but praise for Devanand and Diksha. Thanks to them and their resourcefulness, they have brought the whole area together. Mindful of what nature has provided, the residents are also very frugal about their consumption. They take only as much as they need, and ensure that they abide by the 11 pm closing time of the spring. Even though some of them could have requested tankers that were being provided free by the Government, they have opted to use the spring water, ensuring more supply for the rest of Panjim and those who need it the most. It is indeed heartening to know that people like Devanand Mayenkar and his wife Diksha exist. With their help, the people of Boca de Vaca have managed to pull through the worst water crisis that Panjim has seen.

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(Information source, In Goa 24×7)