Set in a garden courtyard of a resort, with an indoor and outdoor dining area, Papa Jolly’s is for those who seek European fare. You could ask for your meats to be done French-style or Russian-style. They serve delicious French lamb chops, the classic Coq au Vin or chicken in wine sauce, excellent English-style Fish ‘n’ Chips and pork chops, which you can either eat French-style in a sauce or simple grill or fry. We recommend the Mexican chilli corne carne made of sweet corn as also the unique sashimi Lobster. They also offer soups like the French Boulabaisse seafood soup in a very elegant setting with unusual plates and glasses. The food aspires to meet gourmet standards and they’ve succeeded to a large extent. There’s very little Indian food here excepts for starters like an unusual chicken pakoda, besides the ubiquitous tandoori dishes. The only Goan dish available here is fish curry rice. Papa Jolly’s tries to do too many things but succeeds only in a few.

0832 2244113/ 2244114
H.No. 749/A, Morjim – Ashvem road, Morjim, Goa


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