‘Peacock’ may be identified as a vermin in Goa, proposes state’s Agriculture Minister


Taking in view the various difficulties (and losses) the farmers in Goa face due to disruption by wild animals, the state’s Agricultural Minister Ramesh Tawadkar has proposed. Animals such as Peacock (Morr), Monkey (Makod), Wild boar (Raan dukor), Gaur (Gawo redo) and a few other species may be categorized as vermin and culled periodically (reduced in numbers regularly).

The list includes a National bird (Peacock) and a State animal (Gaur). The minister said that these animals had been reported by the farmers to the government. According to complains received, the animals cause harm to the agricultural interest of these farmers resulting in financial losses.

Although nothing has been made official in regards to this, a committee will be appointed in order to assess the situation. The proposition is likely to face some opposition from the Environmentalists in Goa, as the move will likely make these species vulnerable.

Allowing them be categorized as vermin or nuisance animals, may lead to periodic thinning of the population. Fears arise that this change may give an opportunity for abuse of power, leading to the animals facing even more threats than they do after habitat loss.

Would it help to know? That Peacock is a species currently protected under the Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.