Located just opposite Zuri White Sands in Varca, Pereira’s provides value-for-money options to many tourists who want to get a taste of Goan dishes and fresh seafood. Pereira’s posts a serious competition to the five-star counterpart as guests from this hotel often dine here. You should try their seafood, especially big crabs, Lobster Thermidor, Pomfret Recheado and Tandoori Red Snapper. Honey Lemon Chicken, Pock Xacutti, and Squid fried in garlic are their specialities. If you like European food, Order Chicken Stroganoff, Beef Steak and spaghettis. Pereira’s has an excellent collection of Indian liquor, offered at reasonable prices. Every evening, a live band plays on the front lawn, and guests are treated to firework displays thrice a week.

0832 2772603, 9890711363
Opp. The Zuri White Sands Main Gate, Varca, Goa.