Double-Mania Festival – ‘Poderanchem Fest’ and ‘Zaddacho Utsav’

‘Poderanchem Fest’ also known as ‘Bakers Festival’ and ‘Zaddacho Utsav’ (Tree Festival) will be held in Goa from the 1st of October to the 3rd at the Our Lady of Succour Church gardens, Succour.

The festival will endorse the eco-friendly cause to protect the environment and allow the locals to exhibit their skills. Bakers from across the state will showcase the variety of bread along with cultural programmes and entertainment. Among other attractions there will be a parade during the fest.

About the festival

The idea of this fest was brought out by the Succorro village cultural association. In order to make it a success, locals voluntarily got together and made it happen. It was supposed to be a low-cost festival but it was so good that the entire state got involved.


The festival is not only about ‘Bread’ but also the delicious Goan food that goes along with the different types of bread. Items like ‘choris pao’ (sausage bread), omelette pao, cutlet pao and many more mouth-watering delicacies will be exhibited.

Goan bakers haven’t been appreciated a lot. Here’s a festival that gives you a chance to pay respect to the hardwork and contribution of all the Goan bakers this October !

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