The jackfruit festival ‘Ponsachem fest’, an alternative to Sao Joao?

When the entire state looks forward to Sao Joao, Socorro, a village in North Goa will be celebrating Ponsachem fest. The festival centres around jackfruit and features a variety of dishes made from it by the villagers. This will be the second edition of Jackfruit festival which was organised for the first time last year in Goa. Panas is the Konkani word for jackfruit, it is the same as the Sanskrit word.

In Goa two varieties of the fruit are available:

1) Rasaal – It is pulpy by nature.

2) Kaapo – It is firmer and crisper.


Just the way the coconut tree is considered the giving tree, the jackfruit also has its own charm. Every part of the fruit is utilised (even the seeds). The jackfruit festival highlights this fact.

  • The flesh of the fruits is used to prepare many traditional dishes and in some cases, it is consumed directly
  • The pulp is flattened and dried in the sun to make saatth
  • The seeds are roasted or boiled to make a delicious snack out of them
  • The skin is happily eaten by the cows

There are many dishes the attendees at the jackfruit festival can relish on. Many of them have been passed down for generations. It is a good chance to enjoy so many traditional dishes in one place itself.


  • Squashes
  • Toffee (chewy)
  • Sattam
  • Papads
  • Jaqad (jam)
  • Pudde (sweet dumpling)
  • Jackfruit seeds (boiled or roasted)
  • Mangoes, chikoos, berries and other seasonal fruits
  • Bhajjis (Onion pakodas)
  • Capam (fritters made from potatoes)

There will be cultural performances by villagers to entertain the crowds. The cultural program at the jackfruit festival will include traditional as well as new customs. “We will feature traditional dances by farmers and fishermen in the event. Keeping with the times, we will also have a brass band and sprinklers will be set up to enjoy a rain dance,” revealed a source in a report.

In Goa, Monsoon is full of traditional festivals. However many of them are slowly losing their original essence. Many are being commercialised to a point of irritation. Let’s enjoy them while we can. Read Sao Joao and Sangodd articles published earlier by us and join in the festivities!

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