Pop It Up – The Monsoon Flea


This is the one event that every shopaholic and foodie is looking forward too, this rainy season. This Sunday the 5th of June, make yourself available to attend “Pop It Up -the flea market”, which is going to be held in the Taleigao Community Hall from 11.30 am onwards.

Facebook -Pop It Up

I got in touch with Natasha Parekh, the co-founder of this event to give It’s Goa readers a sneak preview into what is on offer. Natasha and her business partner Bhakti Hirani got inspired by the Pop Up exhibition they attended in Margao, therefore they wanted to do something similar.

“We had attended a POP Up exhibition in Margao. Which really inspired us to do something as creative and inspiring for young entrepreneurs who don’t really have a platform to showcase their creativity and reach out to an audience,” said Natasha.

This is the first time they have organised an event of this size. Natasha is expecting a huge turnout at Pop it UP. Also, since it is a one day event it is sure to be packed to the rafters.  And yes, if the turnout is as expected, they would definitely organize more events in the future and hopefully make it an annual affair!

  • 72 shopping and food stalls booked
  • 1000-1500 people have already shown interest


Eager for the day to come Natasha enlightened, “The event is planned in such a way that it allows people, that is the guests walking in and the stall owners to engage with each other as much as possible, thus no actual physical dividers between stalls. We want to give the people of Panjim a reason to venture out on a rainy rather dull Sunday to come experience what we have for display at the exhibition.”

When prompted if they would organize seasonal events and not only in monsoon, if the first edition of Pop It Up was successful, Natasha replied Inshallah! (which means if God wills). Judging by the rate at which people are accepting the concept and engaging in the organisers communication of being part of the event, we can be sure to hear plenty more from this energetic duo. Natasha is happy and more than gratified by the fact they are empowering local Goan entrepreneurs.

Are you attending Pop It Up? Or displaying your work there? Write to us about it in our Comment Box below.