Professions that can be Mastered Shortly and Work Remotely


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the labour market around the world. In many industries, companies have laid off workers, but somewhere, on the contrary, there have been more vacancies (for example, in IT). We have collected suitable professions that can be taught shortly and you can work remotely.


The easiest way to get into IT quickly is to become a tester. This is a specialist who checks a product – a program, an application – for errors and failures. It is believed that learning to be a tester is easy, even if there is no technical education. You can constantly grow, there are many vacancies in IT, including those where you can work from home.

In different schools, training takes from three to six months. You need a computer, and the skills of a confident user. Technical education will be a plus, without it it is more difficult to study, and you may not like the job.

Testers most often work in companies in the development departments. But there is an opportunity to do projects. There are sites where customers post products and pay for finding bugs.

Front-End Developer

Front-end developers create the external side of a product – an application or a website. They learn to code. They are paid more than testers. Training takes 6-12 months. With the development of new technologies, front-end developers always enjoy popularity among employers.

Front-end developers can start working almost anywhere. There is always demand. Whether it is a live blackjack casino that will ask you to take care of the external side or other industries, if you are a professional and have a good command of HTML, CSS and Javascript, you will always start working.

Video Editor

Video is still a growing trend. Of course, applications for working with it have become so simple that any user can make passable videos. But the demand for quality also remains. Video editing is a skill that can be used both in a company and in selling services as a self-employed person.

You can learn the basics in two to three months, and immediately start selling services. Now there is a high demand for specialists due to the boom in social networks and video content.

For study and work, you need a computer that can handle heavy editing programs. Make sure your software is organized correctly. 

Web Designer

Design is in the top 5 courses for which demand grew in the first wave of the pandemic. This hasn’t changed. More specifically, the most popular courses are product and web design (UI/UX, mobile and desktop app design), interaction design (UI animation, VR/AR), and graphic design. The salaries of beginners are approximately at the level of copywriters from the stock exchange. 

eSports media manager

Several years ago, eSports entered the list of recognized sports. If you love video games and are thinking about who to retrain as there is training for eSports managers in schools. A media manager can both create content as a lead editor and promote it as a marketer. There are many media managers, but there are only a few who understand the esports industry.

Over five years, the number of vacancies in the field of eSports has grown 24 times. The training lasts two months.

Data Analyst

Many people think that the field is complex, you can’t enter it without technical education. But this is a myth, analysts must translate data from databases into understandable conclusions to solve business problems. The technical base is studied in a short time. The fastest way to learn is to become a data analyst and a marketing analyst. 


This is the one who sets up social media ads. People see targeting courses as a quick way to retrain and start working from home. If you have a crush on being self-employed or you are developing your own blog, this is the direction for you.

The marketing market has been saying that there are a lot of specialists in promotion on social networks and the competition between them is huge. But in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses, new personnel are constantly required. Social networks are the most demanded channel for promotion for them.

Credit for Image Used in this Article: Austin Distel on Unsplash