Defend yourself, all you Goans!


In one of the previous articles I wrote about Goa being a safe destination for Women. There were many Goans and tourists who criticized and stated facts that Goa is no longer the paradise everyone had envisioned; especially for young women.

Who to blame?

A few responses from the public blame the government for not enforcing the law, hence perpetrators walk away freely whereas the victim suffers severe trauma. Others blame the ill behaviour and lack of respect from the people who have settled in Goa from other states of India.


Since pointing fingers does not benefit anyone (not ever), I have a solution. Self defence! It is becoming more and more obvious that nowhere in the world is completely safe, but if you are prepared and are aware of the kind of action needed to be taken against your attacker, you may just pull away to safety.

Defence Training

If you are on the lookout for such training, Goa Muay Thai, Anjuna is the one place that prides itself with Thai Kick Boxing, in a world class facility. Training here is comparable to camps in Thailand, where the sport gets its name from. Rigorous sessions are held both mornings and evenings on all weekdays. After an intense warm-up that involves running and/or skipping rope, students will practice shadow boxing, bag work, pad work and technique. Enthusiasts can train for competitions or as a recreational sport which entails fitness and weight loss due to intense work out and body conditioning regimes.

Another reputable training centre is the Golden Dragon School of Martial Arts, which specialises in the Art of Self Defence. The student practicing Self Defence training is not just reliant on one particular martial art to defend oneself, but the objective is to develop a student to be a martial artist who has the ability to free flow and think out of the box. The students are taught to defend themselves through several Martial Arts, develop physical fitness, mental focus and discipline. It also conditions the body and most importantly the conversion of energy into an all round energy through meditation and relaxation.

The above training centres are the ones that caught my attention. However there are several other classes available all over Goa. Find the one near you! As the saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry. Learning will help you be confident and stay alert, even if you don’t come across an attacker.