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‘Voz de Liberdade’ in Portuguese and ‘Goenche Sadvonecho Awaz’ in Konkani, the voice of Freedom was a Radio Station started by Libia Lobo Sardessai during Goa’s liberation movement. It was an underground radio service, the broadcasts initiated in the year of 1995 from the jungles of Ambolim north of Goa in Maharashtra.

As soon as the idea to start the radio came into existence two broadcasters, Libia and Waman Sardessai took charge. They both had some experience in broadcasting and therefore made a good team. They added two more to their team and began broadcasting. The Portuguese were on a look out for them, apart from this they battled to stay alive in the worst conditions of the forest.

They worked tirelessly broadcasting every day, simultaneously listening and studying bulletins and news from India as well as abroad. Having no contact with anyone outside they had to be in incognito the whole time.


The radio was their only way of hope to help people to fight the Portuguese regime. It was a means of communication to keep the people informed during the struggles talking about the assistance they were getting from the other parts of India. The radio helped a lot spreading hope and boosting the morale of many Goans who would listen to them.

No matter how much the Portuguese tried to find them and stop their broadcasts this team consisting of a high spirited woman- Libia Lobo and three dynamic individuals never backed down. The day Goa was liberated they went up in a plane with speakers flying around Goa announcing and dropping leaflets that freedom was finally won!

By: Genevieve Fernandes

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