Remo Fernandes killed by internet death hoax


Popular singer Remo Fernandes is the latest celeb to get killed by internet death hoax. Here is how the star himself reacted to his death hoax… After reading this post, we sure do know if he’s alive or not! 😉

His post on Facebook which went viral reads: I have been offering myself condolences ever since I was first informed about my sad demise last evening. But something made me suspect it was fake news. When I woke feeling reasonably hungry this morning I decided I was right. Thanks very much for all your concern, for messages asking straightaway “Are you alive?” [I loved those, someday I’ll answer ‘No’] to people who never message me otherwise tentatively asking, “Hey buddy, how are you?” [Hold on, let me find the light switch here’]. I’ll miss reading your lovely eulogies- if any- this time, but hey, like the man said, no one gets out of here alive.

-Remo Fernandes, Porto, 25th September 2017.

Remo is another and recent victim of celebrity death hoax that took fans by storm. His death hoax got circulated after a fake message of his death with several stories was posted in WhatsApp groups.

One of the messages read: “It’s saddening to know that Remo is no more. RIP Remo. We will miss you.”

The singer has dismissed the death hoax and assured his fans that he is very much alive in his latest post on Facebook. He sure does have a great sense of humour, doesn’t he? We’re happy to know he’s alive!

Keep rocking Remo Fernandes!