Trouble in Remo’s Paradise?


What incident sparked the whole situation Remo Fernandes is in right now? It’s a classic tale of ‘one thing lead to another’. The case has gained a lot of attention in the local as well as national media due to the celebrity status of the alleged accused.

Information gathered through the media reports states that, a group of devotees of St. Francis Xavier (from Sindhudurgh district, Maharashtra) were returning home after completion of their annual pilgrimage trip to Goa on foot. A teenage girl from the group is said to have been knocked down by a car while walking alongside the highway in Guirim, causing her injuries which were later treated at the local government hospital.

Johna Delalaye Fernandes, son of Remo Fernandes is alleged to have been behind the wheel at the time of the accident. Later it is alleged that the Pop singer had verbally abused the accident victim while she was being treated in the Goa Medical College and Hospital.

An FIR was registered and the singer was summoned to the local court, where he managed to get bail after surrendering his passport to the authorities and furnishing a bail bond of Rs. 50,000/-. He has been barred from leaving the state or the country without the court’s permission.’