Royal Enfield Ridermania Day 3. Custom Bikes, Maze Races.

The final day at Royal Enfield ridermania 2017

Royal Enfield Ridermania Day 3, the final day – saw a lot of interesting action. The ring toss challenge and the Maze race were exceptionally interesting. It was great to see so many custom bikes. The long line of bikes going around the area in the Himalayan Novice qualifying round were also interesting.

custom bikes


The ring-toss challenge above  may have looked easy, buy it took quite a bit of skill

The maze race took a lot of skill too

custom bikes
Custom Bikes

It’s nice to see so many custom bikes in one place

custom bikes   custom bikes

custom bikes
The Prizes made it all worth it

Guess who won the maze race?

After three days of super excitement, the riders are now looking forward to next year.



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