Roads in Goa which haunt us

Goa has a history of haunting stories, some about churches, some about bridges and there are even some on houses which are haunted by supernatural forces. There have been tales of people facing terrifying moments while commuting in Goa. Here are a list of roads which are said to have haunted people in the past.


The Mumbai-Goa highway or the NH-17 has an infamous reputation. The highway is said to be haunted by a ferocious group of witches in search of flesh. The ones who know about it advise people not to carry non-vegetarian food, especially raw meat while traveling on this road past midnight. The witches are believed to come after the raw meat.

Miramar-Caranzalem Road

This road has been haunting commuters for quite a while. With the closing of the Miramar-Dona Paula road for the last couple of years, all the traffic has been diverted onto this road instead. With the road unable to take the load of the traffic, it has tattered. With the good amount of rainfall which Goa has received, the road has been filled with potholes making it unsafe to drive on.


Igorchem Bandh

It is accounted as one of the most haunted places in Goa. According to folk tale, the bandh has been in possession of many wandering souls for many years. It is situated behind the church of Our Lady of Snows, Raia. Locals warn people from walking on this road between 2 p.m and 3 p.m., as they are likely to get possessed by the wandering souls. The irony is that most places are haunted at night, but this one is said to be haunted during the brightest part of the day.

Calangute Road

Repair work on the road had just been carried out before the rains. Due to the work being done in a haphazard manor, the roads have been washed away with the unexpected heavy showers which the state received. The road has become like a course with hurdles. The commuters have to maneuver around the roads, avoiding the potholes like obstacles which cause great danger to one’s life. Vehicles are also damaged by these horrible roads.

Filling potholes doesn’t need rocket science. With the right equipment filling potholes can be done easily. Here is a video of how potholes are taken care of in some countries:

Janki Bandh

This bandh in Navelim is considered haunted. Apparently there was a bus which fell over the culvert connecting Navelim and Drampur. The bus was full of school children and some other passengers. There were no survivors of this terrible event. Each year around a particular time, the locals say you can hear children crying and screeching in the night. Many souls still wander around searching for peace.


All roads in Mapusa are covered with potholes causing inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians. Mapusa is badly hit due to the massive digging for laying pipes and construction chambers. Only patchwork was done after the digging. The monsoon has caused the road to develop huge craters and potholes. The road from the bus stand to the District Court and even further have been badly hit causing great inconvenience and threat to the people plying on that route.

Which other roads haunt Goan commuters? If you know of any, then do write to us in the comments!

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