Roast Turkey at Your Finger-Tips in an easy-to-follow recipe

How Turkey got pride of place at Christmas:

Roast Turkeys originated as early as the 16th century in England. Traditionally eaten as the main course at Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada, and at Christmas feasts in much of the rest of the world (often stuffed) (Credits Wikipedia). Of late, though, Roast Turkey has taken centre stage at Christmas in Goa.

What Goans usually cook at Christmas:

In Goa, the Christians usually prefer their regular sorpotel (a typical Goan preparation of pork meat pickled with a spicy red sauce) and sannas (sweet steamed dumplings of rice and coconut) at Christmastime. Some even a stout stuffed roasted chicken or  ‘Tripe’, a  speciality, difficult to prepare but a delicacy for many.

Another regular dish, Bacalhau, (salted Cod fish), is traditionally prepared in ‘Portuguese’ homes.  Very bland and unpalatable, Bacalhau is eaten to keep the ‘ancestral Portuguese spirit’ alive.


This Christmas could be different. Here is an easy-to-prepare recipe of ‘Roast Turkey’, which the whole family can enjoy. So go ahead and get started!


Turkey meat tastes different depending upon the season. In spring Turkeys are able to feed on insects which give their meat a strong flavour. While in winter, due to a lack of insects, their food changes and that gives their meat a mild flavour. So depending on the flavour you wish, you may order your Turkey. A farm Turkey may not be as tasty as a wild one.

Wish you all a merry preparation time.


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