Rozene Nunes: Inspiring Others Through Food and Positivity


Meet Rozene Nunes, a talented Goan food influencer based in Bahrain. Born and raised in Carmona, Rozene’s childhood ambition was simple yet profound—to be a happy person, always smiling and radiating a positive attitude. Today, she not only embodies that aspiration but also spreads joy and culinary inspiration through her food blog ‘’. Let’s delve into her story, from her humble beginnings to her current adventures in the world of blogging and social media.

From Goa to Bahrain

After completing her higher studies, Rozene embarked on a professional career to support her family. Her dedication led her to work at renowned establishments such as Radisson Blu Goa, Cavelossim and Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino, Varca. Seeking a better lifestyle, Rozene and her family relocated to the Kingdom of Bahrain. There, she continued her career, working at the esteemed Ramada Bahrain Hotel. She currently serves as an Accounts Assistant at the British School of Bahrain.

The Journey Begins

It was during her time in Bahrain that Rozene felt a longing for the flavours of Goan delicacies. With a deep-rooted passion for cooking, she decided to enter the kitchen and explore her culinary talents. Motivated by her love for Goan food, Rozene started sharing her dishes on foodie groups on Facebook. However, she soon realized that she wanted a platform of her own. This led her to start her own blog called ‘’, with pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Beyond Food

While initially focused on sharing her culinary creations, Rozene’s popularity among her followers encouraged her to expand her blogging horizons. With 3,000 followers in just six months, she began blogging about various topics, including local businesses, parenting, kids’ activities, fashion, beauty, shopping, and events. Her versatility and relatability as a twin mom garnered admiration from friends and followers alike, often commending her ability to balance multiple roles. Rozene also participated in the first season of MasterChef Bahrain and bagged the runner-up title.

Support and Collaborations

Rozene acknowledges the unwavering support of her husband, who not only encourages her endeavours but also takes on the role of her manager, handling appointments and collection of payments. Her friends also play a crucial role in providing motivation and inspiring her to continue her journey as an influencer. Though she is based in Bahrain, Rozene hopes to collaborate with famous influencers in Goa and other parts of India in the future.

Challenges and Role Models

While Rozene views her blogging as a passion rather than a full-time pursuit, she acknowledges the challenges that come with it. The demanding nature of maintaining a digital presence, creating engaging content, and managing various aspects can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, Rozene draws strength and inspiration from her role models—her mother and maternal grandmother. Her mother’s resilience as a single parent raising three daughters is a constant source of inspiration, and her grandmother’s love, affection, and courage have left an indelible mark on her life.

Aspirations and Message

Rozene’s career as an influencer remains a passion, separate from her professional endeavours. She plans to continue sharing her culinary creations and insights while maintaining a thriving personal and professional life. To Goan youngsters, Rozene offers a heartfelt message—nothing comes easy in life, but with hard work, dedication, and a commitment to being the change they want to see, success is within reach.

Rozene’s dedication, resilience, and passion for cooking have earned her a loyal following and admirers who appreciate her zest for life. Through her online presence, Rozene continues to leave a lasting impact on the culinary landscape and serves as an inspiration to aspiring influencers and youngsters everywhere.