If you are asking for a cool ambience, soft music et al, you will be mistaken, Ruchira is a decent, no-nonsense place in Mapusa. The restaurant gets packed, a quick drop of menu on the table, this is no place for fine dining. Within minutes the order is taken…the recommendation Pomfret Raechado and Prawn Curry Rice. One has to be quick turnover. There is a variety of seafood too Tamoshi (Red Snapper), Chonak (Rockfish), Mudoshi (Lady fish), Xinanneo (Mussels), Xhevto (Mullet), Tisseryo (Clams) besides the regular favourites of Pomfret, Squid, Kingfish and Mackeral. Now that list speaks volumes, this place is Goan to the core.

Another recommendation is the green masala with the seafood, although there is a choice of Tandoor, Szechwan or plain masala fry. The Goa Prawn Curry Rice is accompanied with cabbage vegetable cooked a la days of yore. A word of caution, if you are late the dish gets over. But for the vegetarians the stuffed capsicum filled with paneer, dry fruit, in a cashew khus/khus gravy and the Baingan or Bhindi Rawa Fried are dishes to be recommended. On the whole , the quick and friendly service, the home cooked preparations would account for the popularity of the place. You might not get fine dining in Mapusa, but for a warm, homely meal Ruchira is the place for you.

0832 2263869/ 2263896, 8888069999
Hotel Satyaheera, 4th Floor, Mapusa, Goa,


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