Runaway teens to Goa call their parents after going broke

“… ran away to Goa for fun but took only Rs 1,500 from home. They took a bus, but after reaching there found that they had spent most of the money and had no choice but to call their parents for help. Now, their parents have left for Goa to fetch them,” said Veljapur PI, A. V. Patel speaking about the runaway teenagers.

Two teenagers (15) from Gujarat were found to be missing from their home. One of them had left behind a note saying that he was going away for three months along with his friends. This was the third time one of the boys had run away from home while the other boy had run away for the first time.

Parents rushed to the local police station for help but the boys themselves got in touch with their parents. Apparently, the boys went broke while travelling to Goa and had no money left after getting here. This is second such incident to happen within a month.


In late August, four youth from Hyderabad were arrested by Goa police after their parents complained that they had runaway from their home. They were said to have stolen their mother’s jewellery before leaving.

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