The Story Behind Russian Christmas in Goa And Morjim Beach


While the entire nation is back to routine life after the long vacation period, the Russian Christmas in Goa actually starts taking shape.

Christmas in Russia celebrated thirteen days after December 25th.

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It is due to the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church observes the Julian calendar.

Over the past few years, the increased influx of Russian vacationers in Goa has begun a trickle of interest about the belated (for the followers of the Gregorian calendar) Russian Christmas.

Russian Christmas is nearly a replica of English Christmas.

Decorating the residence then attending midnight mass and then relishing home-cooked dinner meals which are greater frequently historically cooked meat and sweets.

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The fervour of the Russian Christmas is now not solely restricted to the vacationers or locals or vacationers who have been in Goa for long.

But also, star Hotels throw a buffet party for the same.

The Theme is in most cases associated with Christmas, region and atmosphere is additionally made over as a result and as nicely as the kind of meals served to the people.

After the food, truffles are served and some of the cakes are elegant Russian cakes like open and closed cease pie.

Well, the meal and midnight mass are observed with the aid of a heavy celebration regularly and subsequent day enjoyable on the Goan seaside underneath the heat iciness sun.