Ryan de Souza’s mother appeals to govt. to bring her son home

It’s a case that started almost 2 years ago and believed to be one of Dubai’s biggest cases of fraud. Goan boys Sydney Lemos and Ryan de Souza, a senior accounts specialist in Sydney’s Exential Group were arrested after allegedly duping thousands of investors out of their hard-earned savings. Both are currently serving 500+ year sentences in a Dubai prison. The de Souza family is completely distraught over Ryan’s arrest and his mother, Veronica de Souza is doing everything to bring him home.  

Support from all at home in Goa

People may recall that a mere two months ago, both Sydney Lemos and Ryan de Souza were sentenced to serving 5 consecutive life sentences on account of the Ponzi scheme allegedly cooked up Sydney. On hearing the news, Ryan’s family and friends in Goa immediately took to social media to gain support and create awareness. Everyone who knew him back home was ready and ever willing to make it known that he was innocent and being made into a scapegoat in the case.

His parents, along with friends in his home state, banded together and even held a press conference which was telecast live on a local news channel wherein they did their best to ask for help from prominent politicians as well.


Veronica de Souza, Ryan’s mother wants him to be brought home to Goa

The NRI Commission received a representation made by Veronica de Souza which stated that her son had been made a scapegoat and the family wanted details of his arrest. In turn, the Commission has written to the Consul General of India in Dubai asking for a report in the case.

The commission has requested the envoy to send a consulate officer to provide a detailed factual report along with a copy of the judgment and charge sheet. NRI director Anthony D’Souza has asked the consulate to forward all factual details to the Goa government to enable it to inform Veronica de Souza, the mother of Ryan on the status.

Mrs. de Souza’s representation says Ryan went to work in Dubai at Exential as an office administrator in 2014. By March 2016, he was promoted to senior accounts specialist. However, his visa showed him working as an office clerk.

Her representation also states that she had invested her own money in Exential via Ryan in August and December 2015 and that he was not aware of the fraud. Details of her account have also been sent to the Consulate in Dubai.

“The commission first wrote to the Consulate in April but we have not received any reply. Once we receive the report, we will place it before the Goa government, and depending on what is decided, a representation could be sent to the ministry of external affairs,” D’Souza stated.

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