Safe and secure beach experience to wheelchair users at #BeachFest2017


For the very first time in Goa, wheelchair users will be able to enjoy a completely accessible experience and relish the simple joys of floating in the open sea, yet be in a safe and secure environment, thanks to a specially designed floating wheelchair. The initiative has been made possibly by UMOJA, India’s first and largest online travel platform for accessible travel.


Goa’s Candolim beach will be hosting #BeachFest2017 between 31 March and 9th April, where over a 1000 wheelchair-users will come together to enjoy a beach experience like no other. The company has partnered with Drishti Lifesaving Pvt Ltd who have put together a safety mechanism in place so that the visitors can feel safe and secure while on their visit to the beach.

Drishti has been gearing up for the event over the last few weeks. Explained Ankit Somani, MD, Drishti Lifesaving Pvt Ltd, “The safety and security of the visitors is paramount. Drishti will undertake additional deployment of lifeguards apart from the 22 lifeguards already deployed at Candolim beach. A team of four dedicated lifeguards – two on-shore and two on Jet skis – will be accompanying every swimmer who will be using the exclusive floating wheelchair as it makes a trip into the waters. A team of additional lifeguards have been kept on standby in case we feel the need to call them in.”

The floating wheelchair allows wheelchair users to enter the water and move around on the sand. The wheelchairs, imported from France, will be used for the very first time in India.

Added Yeshwant Holkar, CEO, UMOJA, “It was very important that our guests feel safe and secure while they embark on this enjoyable experience in the sea. We are happy and feel secure that the heroes of Goa, Drishti’s lifeguards, will be on our side during this 10-day event. We have had tremendous support from Drishti to put in place this entire event. They are also providing lifeguarding facilities to the paraplegic swimmer Mohommad Shams Aalam Shaikh who will be attempting a world record while in Goa.”

Drishti is part of the core team working along with the Chennai-based paraplegic swimmer Mohommad Shams Aalam Shaikh as he attempts a new world record.

During the 10-day Beach Fest 2017, visitors will be able to participate in various water sports such as beach bowling, wheelchair cricket, kit flying, sand castle competitions, wheelchair dancing and a ride on the aquatic beach chair.

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