Born in 1940, Sagres is a Portuguese prestige spirit. The beer was named after a small town where sailors learned all about navigation. Like the caravels that left Lisbon for faraway lands, Sagres was the first beer to be exported, arriving first in Gibraltar and then in all the Portuguese colonies. Today, there is a new trendy bar in one of the former colonies of Portugal named after the Portuguese beer. And like the beer , brewed with all the exclusive ingredients and the selection of the finest hops, this Sagres is golden, frothy, spirited and filled with good cheer. The stylish bar has all the right ingredients – the choice of AC and non-AC seating overlooking the pool and offering a fantastic view of lush green gardens and cherry, colourful Goan-Portuguese styled villas.

The ambience is unique with a concept that targets the guests who want to have a good leisure experience during business as well as those on a social visit. The scattered seating with bar stools, low comfortable chairs and communal tables is used to establish a more interesting, intimate and creative appeal rather than the usual formal-bar impression. The ingredients: Try out the Grand Agave, the Tequila Swirls with orange flavours – Cointreau and orange juice. The barman has spiced it up with cinnamon, a fruity appeal in the muddled Mexican variety.

Bar snacks like Vermicelli Crumbed Crisp Prawns (incorporated with thai spices rolled in vermicelli and deep fried) or the Thai Crab Cakes (deep fried Crab Meat cakes flavoured with Thai spice and Kafir Lime). Sip on a selection of wines by the glass the Tuna Mousse topped on mini French toast is a great nibbling affair and the spirits are there all for the choosing. The hops: it can even work with a Litchi Paradise mocktail. The pink mixture with (vodka, strawberry crush, ginger ale) litchi and cranberry juice sans the real spirit will lift up the blues to add to an evening to remember. Come Sunset…and that includes the cocktail too (vodka, strawberry crush, top up with ginger ale) it could be a buttom’s up night with entertainment galore. Your spirited hopping around will add cheer to the evening.


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