One does not have to ride the sand dunes or look for the muted glow of the dessert at night, there is a place which Welcomes – Salaam Allah Kum, with a promise of a feast and romance of a dessert. Aptly named Salaam at the Living Room. The Velvety ambience sets the mood for the evening. Casual lounge style seating , the bar is within calling distance and responds with spirited fervour as you sit on those comfortable sofas indulging in a hookah of your choice. Showcased as an Indo Arabic restaurant – the idea was to present traditional fare from the North West region, an emphasis on dates, succulent meat, and yoghurt.

A browse through the menu will convince you to try out some of the traditional delicacies – the Arabic style hummus or the Cold cucumber pepper soup. Sip on the chilled refreshing sharpness of the tomato based soup with that sliced black olive floating on top The chef has immersed himself into the culinary lore of these nomadic travelers.Another recommendation is the Beetroot and Fresh Cheese Salad. Chopped gherkins, pine nuts and Danish feta cheese tossed in lime –sharp , smooth and with a tangy crunch. As most of the spices used in Arab cuisine are emphasized in Indian Cuisine too, try the Mutton Kebab with souk spices and herb chutney. Not a spiced tongue tingling preparation, but for those with no spicy expectations this dish is one to be highly recommended. For the spice factory try the chicken Taouk with herb yoghurt. The Shasklik-style Chicken when combined with the chutney and the crunchy onions…stated to be a true Bedouin preparation.

While the Indian palate would take some time to accept the Arabic desserts…sourish yoghurt with pine nuts and honey or semolina cake with dates, cashew and walnuts, the chef has ensured that every dessert preparation has a healthy dose of fruit.. So let your wanderings guide you to place of living well-like the dessert prince of yore. Salaam!!!


Living Room by Seasons Hotels, Duelwaddo, Vagator, Goa.

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