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We’ve been listening to some pretty eclectic beats and music stylings since the New Year began in Goa. All kinds of music festivals have happened or are going to happen. Plus there are also these little shows that happen at out-of-the-way restaurants and venues that most of us have never heard of. In this case, San Ima.

Curious about San Ima?

Most people in Goa are big fans of all kinds of music. There are people that listen to pop and rock, jazz, electronic dance music and so much more. San Ima definitely falls into the category of a musical group playing in a very different style.

San Ima which means “Saints of Now” is a band that was born when a Brazilian singer met singers from the Mediterranean region of Europe and a VJ in Berlin. They have tried to build bridges between cultures, images, poetry and confusion. The music is a marriage of electronic Bossanova and melancholy-pop beats.


San Ima came to be in 2011, as an electronic duo featuring Brazilian singer Anaís Furtado with Alejandro Pardo on keyboards and electronics. Both were looking for a freedom they hadn’t found yet. Anaís had worked as a model for many years and finally changed her career to DJing in Berlin. This led to her wanting to express herself on a deeper level through music.  Alejandro came from a family of musicians and opera singers and followed the roots of German philosophers until Berlin.

Their life, musical and thought experiment resulted in the album “San Ima” (2011) – that is a mixture of electro, pop and Bossanova songs which combines fresh melodic lines and melancholic beats with existential questions.

In 2012, they had a single ‘Nuvens’ that was chosen to be a part of the ‘SoundGroundBerlin’ compilation. This was followed by performances at Gretchen, Fusion and Kater Holzig which are nightclubs in Berlin.

They will be in Goa on Thursday, the 8th of February at Tierra y Mar, House 248 in Sangolda. Tickets are Rs. 400. If one would like to attend or needs more information, contact them via either Tierra y Mar or House No. 248 on Facebook.

Information credit – Facebook, San Ima Blog.


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