You can visit Issorcim beach around Bogmalo beach, which is only 11/2 kms away. This beach is completely secluded save for the local villagers, and is particularly good for Fishing. Here, plate coral also grows. About 5 kms from Bogmalo, there is a little lovely island called San Jacinto Island, this is located in the Mormugao bay. It has old houses and a picturesque chapel. One often passes the San Jacinto island while on the way to or from the Dabolim airport. There is an old chapel situated here that has an underground tunnel to the other side of the river to Siridao. There is also a church in the area known as the St Hyacinthi Church that celebrates the feast on the last Sunday of September. One can even see an old Portuguese lighthouse on the island. In the year 1927 a vow was made by the inhabitants of the island who purchased the place not to sell or lease it out to any projects. Therefore the island still has its natural charm. At low tide along the Chicalim coastline, further up the road towards Vasco from Sao Jacinto Island is a tiny islet with a crucifix on it, locally called San Antonio.

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