Saraya Eco Stay

Music, Art And A Dash Of Innovation At This Goan Art Cafe & Eco-stay


Whoever re-created this 300-year-old Portuguese bungalow took the notion of creativity and made it something more sublime than anyone could ever have imagined. Nestled around the CHOGM road bend in the quaint town of Sangolda, Saraya eco-stay is a far cry from the plush seaside establishments of the Arabian coast.

Saraya Eco-stay Outside

Cut back on your carbon footprint at this eco-stay

There is nothing slick about Saraya eco-stay. No white etching upon the glass nor tables with fancy umbrellas, just the uneven pavement baring the cracks of age. Yet there is so much light and openness here, much like the people who run this place. Just walking in makes you feel like you’ve come home to peace and tranquillity. 

The interior of the café is warm and cheery, with colourful incandescent bulbs hanging loosely from the thatched roof. The entire place has been built from clay, mud, bamboo and leaves by keeping the natural state of the property intact. The colour of summer blooms with virescent hues of the plants finishes off the colour scheme perfectly. It is this kind of little out of sync, non-opulent items that make the décor “human”. Life grows here on the battlefield of concrete surrounding it. 

Saraya Eco-stay Inside

Saraya eco-stay gives you the option to live naturally in either a tree house or an earth home. Every room reeks all shades of ecological existence, right from the organic toiletries to the deep red, shiny clay bathtubs. 

A library equipped with rows of books sits self-importantly at the top of a gnarly yet beautiful wooden staircase. Paintings by world-renowned artists dominate the walls of the art gallery. Each one a mysterious composition on its own. 

Saraya Eco-stay Toilet

Out of the comfort zone, but into a delicious territory

In a land that is famous for its gastronomic glamour comprising of seafood, meat and local spices uncover a secret world that takes you on a humble vegan ride. Coupled with the lure of the health benefits of organically produced vegetables and spices, every item on the menu is a sheer temptation to your senses. Smooth jazz pours out from the other side of the doors along with the aroma of freshly baked pizzas.

Come to this microcosm of happy memories to witness the pace of life drift by rather than march. In a world of chaotic imbalance, you’ll find no finer place to stay in this region, no finer place at all.