When Science and Art collide to create the Story of Space


The Story of Space event is finally here. From the 10th of November to the 19th, the capital city, Panaji will see itself come alive and get lost in space. The event provides a unique opportunity for everyone to learn about and experience space from a number of perspectives by promoting inquiry and exploration. It is truly going to be an exciting, interdisciplinary learning playground and a marvellous experience. All the information in this article comes to you from ‘The Story of’ Foundation.

The Story of Space unfolds…

The Story of Space makes its debut on the 10th of November at Kala Academy, 6 pm onwards. The opening ceremony will feature a musical performance by Robin Meier and Santiago Lusardi Girelli titled ‘Satellite Sonata’.

Robin Meier is a Swiss artist and composer exploring the emergence of natural and artificial intelligence and the role of humans in a world of machines. Santiago Lusardi Girelli is an Argentinian-Italian conductor has worked as a choir and orchestra conductor in Argentina, Venezuela, Germany, Belgium, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and India.

The opening will also feature ‘Migratory Cultures’, a live experience, which explores topics of migration, diaspora, flow and trace documented in communities and projected using video mapping techniques onto urban architecture by artists and professors at San José University, California, G. Craig Hobbs and Robin Lasser.

Bringing the festival to Goa

This is the second science meets art festival in Goa. In 2015, ‘The Story of’ Foundation gave Goa, The Story of Light festival which caught and held the attention of 15000 visitors.

This year, the Foundation brings The Story of Space to the capital city. Here’s what you’re getting to see and be a part of.

The festival has 72 projects running—live experiences, a film programme, installations, workshops, talks, and panels— on critical questions about space. The various projects have been carefully curated with the aim of engaging audiences of all ages, from all walks of life, in a cross-disciplinary, creatively and intellectually stimulating experience.

Some of the highlights of the festival include

  • There’s an interdisciplinary exhibition looking at the ‘void’ across science, philosophy (both Indian and Western).
  • Art by theoretical physicist Giuseppe Bozzi, philosopher S. Bhuvuneshwari, and the architect and designer Manuel Scortichini with video inputs from the famous Minute Physics YouTube channel.
  • From beginning to end, US-based Migratory Cultures will project local and international narratives around people’s experiences of migration, including stories of migration unique to the Goan diaspora, all over the city.
  • The program also has panels making relevant inquiries like “What is sustainable development to Goa?”, “What should learning in the 21st century look like in India and internationally?”, and talks by the likes of NASA scientist Henry Throop, exploring the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”

There will be so much more going on at the festival besides these events mentioned here. Have a look at the programme on the festival website.

Since part of the funding for the festival comes from crowdfunding and the entire event is a community-led initiative, you too can do your part by donating. That way, you too will get a chance to watch a team that works tirelessly to make the magic that is The Story of Space festival happen.