Experience the beauty and charm of Utorda Beach while you are here to Sea Hawk, a beachfront restaurant of the Kenilworth Resort. A spectacular view of the sea and a very contemporary set up is what you will get to see at the Sea Hawk. This venue offers you the finest seafood and grills as you relax with the soothing music and the cool breeze blowing across the lawns. There’s a show kitchen so place your order from the display of tiger prawns, kingfish, red snapper and lobster and get it cooked according to your choice. Watch the energetic ones dive as the ball hits the sand in the game of beach volleyball, emulating the Sea Hawk in flight. Perhaps with a few of the barman’s special cocktails you might feel energized to join in while your fish is made by the chef. It is a great adrenalin rush, so go…have a ball!

0832 6698888
The Kenilworth Beach Resort, Utorda, Goa