Seasonal Rainfall an inch away from ‘100 mark’


Goa has recorded 99 inches of cumulative seasonal rainfall with two per cent deficiency which is an inch from the 100 mark. However, the IMD (India Meteorological Department)  said it is within normal range.

Till date the state has received 2521.9mm (99.2 inches) of rain since June (which is a little short) as the expected 2577.1mm measure.

Goa’s meteorological department recently said, “light to moderate rainfall will continue in Goa for the next five days and will cross the 100 inch mark by Wednesday.”

According to the IMD the Southwest monsoon has weekend over Goa for almost a week (from August 11 to 17). During this period a few places received rain but there was a shortage of 70 per cent recorded.

Though Goa experienced flooding in many parts and heavy showers, the overall average still fell short. ‘Rain, rain don’t go away, come again another day, little Johnnie wants to play!’