Feronia Fashion Night

Goa to Host the Second Edition of Feronia Fashion Night


After fantastic acclaim in its opening edition, which was held in Jaipur last year, Feronia Fashion Night is back in 2019 with its second edition to be held at The Beach House, Goa. It is with even greater enthusiasm than ever before that the show-runners of Feronia Fashion Night will celebrate the significance of the LGBTQ community of the country. Get ready to witness the best androgynous collection from the most celebrated designers from India and around the world on 6th April, from 6 PM onwards, and become a part of the initiative that’s determined to uphold the LGBTQ community.

Event Partners

Feronia Fashion NightThe principal objective behind holding Feronia Fashion Night will always remain the same: spreading awareness among the people of the country about the elegance and beauty of the third gender. It was with a desire to offer their share of contribution to the marginalized community that several organizations worked together on a consolidated effort to launch Feronia Fashion Night. Redo Times, the event partners of Feronia Fashion Night, received several requests from the members of the transgender community for a platform where they would showcase an undiscovered side of Fashion. They were immediately enthralled with the idea of holding a fashion show for the LGBTQ community. A similar eagerness for such an event was shown by IT BY IT Professionals, which became the IT Partners for Feronia Fashion Night. Accessory partner Pick was equally determined for the upswing of the LGBTQ community in the country. After the historic verdict passed by the Honorable Supreme court that decriminalized homosexuality, the show finds itself bolstered by the positive transition and aims to continue with its efforts to support this change.

Feronia Fashion Night

National & International Fashion Designers

The second edition of Feronia Fashion Night will showcase an exotic collection of designs that highlight the true essence of fashion in the LGBTQ community. Mr. Hoshigoru William, Asia’s First Androgynous fashion designer, will be presenting his unparalleled range of designs that have already left a mark in the Singapore Fashion Week and several editions of Mr. Universal, among other recognized fashion events across the globe. The show will also feature an amazing collection from Anurag Manju Gupta. Anurag’s unique designs illuminate in the dark without the use of any chemical in his range. A proponent of ‘Make in India’, Anurag has his entire collection, along with the fabric, handcrafted only in the country. Padmaraj Keshri, a young Lakme Gen Next designer, will also be presenting his designs in the show. Padmaraj is a recognized designer in India and around the world, with several awards and recognition in the field of fashion designs. Along with these celebrated fashion designers, several upcoming designers will also be presenting their finest works at Feronia Fashion Night 2.0. These young and talented designers will showcase a wide range of designs, including transparent, hand-embroidery, dye-based iron rust, organic and geometric designs.

Feronia Fashion Night

Transgender Models

Feronia Fashion Night 2.0 will feature prominent transgender models from around the country. The likes of such models include Aamir Hayyat, Affan Mukri, Afroz Khan, Aman Shanaya, Amit Kambe, Atmaj Vyas and Ravi Rahul Banra, among others. These famed models will walk the ramp in trending attires to highlight the world of fashion in the LGBTQ community.

With the collective determination of ameliorating the prominence of third genders, everyone involved with the show is prepared to deliver their finest performances at the Feronia Fashion Night 2.0. This celebration of androgynous fashion is set to break all the gender stereotypes that have long been harbored in the minds of people through ignorance and hatred. If you are an aspiring designer and want to showcase your creations at Feronia Fashion Night 2.0, become a part of this celebration by enrolling to the show March 20th.