Selaulim canal to produce solar energy!

Solar energy project proposed by Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) on the Selaulim canal stretch seems to be a big step towards pollution free power generation in Goa. Currently, the length is limited to 2 km. Depending on the success of this trial, the area covered under the project may be expanded to 75 Kms.

The initiative is inspired by a similar solar energy project undertaken in Gujarat. SunEdison a US – based company has built the solar canal top project over a stretch of Narmada River canal network. The 10 MW power project besides producing electricity also saves about 9 million liters of water every year.

Effects of the project were felt across the nation. State governments of Maharashtra, Orissa, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana took notice of it and proposed similar projects in their state as well.


“Gujarat has shown the way with the commissioning of the world’s first 1 MW canal-top solar power plant in Mehsana district,” Farooq Abdullah said during Question Hour in Rajya Sabha.

Impact on Goa

A similar assessment has been made in regards to Goa as well. The idea is to generate electricity and at the same time save water from evaporating. Besides the project does not need any land to be acquired. It is propounded that close proximity to water of the solar panels will keep its temperatures low.

“Not only will the project generate electricity, the solar panels over the canal will ensure that evaporation losses are reduced. The proximity of the solar panels to the water will help keep the temperature of the solar installation low, thereby preventing its deterioration and allowing it to work more efficiently,” said GEDA member secretary Pramod Pathak in a report.

The proposed area was recently surveyed by GEDA and WRD (Water Resource Department). There is still a study conducted on the orientation of the solar panels over the canal. However, the reports did not mention who will be responsible for setting up the project.

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