Senior-citizen Friendly Holiday Homes in Goa To Vacay With Your Parents


The beautiful state of Goa, being a tourist hotspot, attracts thousands of visitors every year. During April and May, when schools close for the summer, many parents head down to the beautiful beaches of Goa, along with their kids to enjoy a nice and pleasant holiday. However, they leave the elderly members of their family back home. They are reluctant to take them along because they require extra care and special facilities due to the age-related problems that they suffer from. However, India’s sunshine state is home to many senior citizen-friendly holiday homes. These properties have certain special features like portable ramps, in-built elevators, voice-controlled utilities and on-site staff, to ensure that all elderly guests have a very convenient and comfortable stay. For those of you planning to visit Goa with the elderly members of your family anytime soon, here is a list of the best senior-citizen friendly holiday homes in Goa.

Villa Amorzito, Dona Paula
Villa Amorzito, Dona Paula (Image source:

First on our list of the best senior-citizen friendly holiday homes in Goa is Villa Amorzito at Dona Paula. This is an expansive property that consists of two luxurious villas connected to each other by a splendid swimming pool. One villa houses four bedrooms while the other villa houses six bedrooms. Both the villas offer the utmost tranquillity and luxury. The property’s capacity to accommodate up to 24 guests, makes it the perfect venue for family vacations with extended family members, like uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas and cousins.
One of the spacious bedrooms at the villa (Image source:

The villa is equipped with an elevator inside which makes it easier for elderly people to access the stunning property. It is also partially wheelchair accessible. With in-house villa attendants, 24 hours concierge, remote-controlled blinds, light sensors and other modern amenities, Villa Amorzito is the perfect place for elderly people to enjoy a relaxing vacation without having to lift even a single finger.

Summertime Goa Villa, Calangute
Summertime Goa Villa at Calangute (Image source:

Next on our list of the best senior-citizen friendly holiday homes in Goa is the Summertime Villa at Calangute. This villa is located on a hilltop just outside of Calangute. It overlooks the green paddy fields surrounding it and also has a lush tropical garden. It is a one-of-a-kind luxury villa with two acres of private grounds teeming with birds, butterflies, and serenity. 

It houses three luxurious suite rooms that can accommodate up to six people. Large dressing areas, palatial bathrooms, and the finest furniture selected from excursions to Bali and places in India characterise the three big master suites, which are identical in size but appealing and unique in appearance. The villa is ideal for a small family, who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time relaxing in tranquillity in Goa.
View of one of the luxurious suite rooms at the villa (Image source:

One of the bedrooms of the villa, located on the ground floor, has portable ramps attached to it to make it more accessible to elderly people. The room enjoys wonderful views of the on-site koi pond, a stream and the lush green paddy fields. The villa has a large size infinity pool, a small library and a garden where seniors can enjoy a nice morning walk. It also has an in-house cook, gardeners, and security guards on-site to make your stay comfortable and pleasant.
The large infinity pool with sunbeds around it (Image source:

The Inner Temple, Moira
The Inner Temple villa at Moira (Image source:

And concluding our list of the best senior-citizen friendly holiday homes in Goa is The Inner Temple at Moira. If the elderly members of your family prefer the warmth and comfort of a private home to a hotel, The Inner Temple will give them just that. The Inner Temple is a luxurious holiday home set in a restored Portuguese villa. Through the gate lies a lush green garden with fruit-bearing trees, edible herbs, and chirping birds. A large swimming pool greets you as you venture further into the property. 

The villa, which is partially wheelchair accessible, houses three spacious bedrooms, each with a unique theme of its own. On the ground floor, you will find the earthy yellow and white Champa bedroom and the stunning blue Kamini bedroom. The Champa ground floor bedroom opens up to the spacious verandah, where your elderly parents or grandparents can sit and enjoy a quiet morning all by themselves. The upper floor houses the Sachchidananda bedroom, which has been dressed with warm hues of red, coral, and orange. It comes with a walk-in closet, a balcony, and its own entrance.
View of the Champa bedroom on the ground floor of the villa (Image source:

The spacious living room has a high ceiling and is equipped with antique furniture, a Bose music system, a projector, and a giant screen on which you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows.

The in-house cook doles out some delicious Goan fare that is sure to tickle your sensitive taste buds. The well-equipped kitchen can also be used by guests to cook their own customised meals if they wish to do so. 

So now that you know that Goa has many holiday homes that are senior-citizen friendly, what are you waiting for? The summers are right around the corner. Schools will close very soon. So, pick up that phone, book your flight tickets and head down to one of these amazing villas in India’s sunshine state to enjoy a nice and peaceful vacation, this time along with the elderly members of your family. Make your bookings now!