Shacks in Majorda Beach To Sip Rum And Work From The Sands

Majorda is a coastal village located in the Salcete taluka in South Goa. It is bordered by the village of Nuvem to its north and the village of Betalbatim to the south. It is home to the pristine Majorda beach. The beach is very clean and is lined with groves of palm trees. Thousands of tourists from all over India and the world descend on the shores of this beautiful beach every year, to enjoy a nice and peaceful vacation. There are several restaurants and shacks on the beach that serve tasty dishes and cater to the food cravings of the tourists, as well as locals who visit the beach. There are many buses which run daily with the help of which one can get to Majorda beach. From the Dabolim Airport also, one can get into transfer buses that take you there.

For those planning a trip to Majorda beach anytime soon, here’s a list of the best beach shacks in Majorda beach.

Mish-Mar Beach Shack, Majorda 

Mish-Mar Beach Shack at Majorda Beach  (Image Credit: Mish-Mar Beach Shack Facebook Page)

First on our list of the best beach shacks near Majorda beach is the Mish-Mar beach shack. This restaurant, which is situated right on the beach at Majorda, is a nice and lovely place to spend time and have lunch or dinner with family and friends. The place has got a nice and peaceful ambience. The shack offers a wide variety of Goan, Indian, Chinese, Continental and sea-food dishes. All the food served here is freshly prepared by highly qualified and experienced chefs. Many of the seafood dishes served here are prepared from the day’s fresh catch of fish. Items that are a must-try at this place include the tandoori red snapper and the prawn vindaloo. They also serve delicious pizzas, sandwiches and cocktails. Their Bianca martini and their non-alcoholic fruit punch cocktail are very exquisite and are highly recommended.

View of the sea from the shack (Image Credit: Mish-Mar Beach Shack Facebook Page)

Albert’s Place

Albert’s Place Beach Shack (Image Credit:

Next on our list of the best beach shacks in Majorda Beach is a restaurant called Albert’s Place. This restaurant offers a good combination of Indian and Chinese food. The chicken drumstick offered here is simply too good and is a must-try. The tandoori chicken is also very nice. However, it is advisable to order it in advance so that you do not have to wait a long time, as it needs to be marinated before cooking. Those who are aficionados of Chinese food must try their Hakka noodles, gravy noodles, Manchurian chicken gravy, and Schezwan fried rice. The place has a very nice seating arrangement and a pleasant dining ambience. The staff are also very friendly.

The shack has around 20 sunbeds on the right side of the beach with coconut branches as sunshades. The proximity of the sunbeds to the sea is very nice. They also have a shower for you to clean up after a relaxing swim in the clear blue waters of the Majorda beach.

People relaxing on the sunbeds in front of the shack (Image Credit:

Sam’s Goan Beach Shack

Sam’s Goan Beach Shack (Image Credit: Sam’s Goan Shack)

And last on our list of the best beach shacks in Majorda beach is Sam’s Goan Beach Shack. This is a small shack that offers delectable food and great service. It has tables and chairs set right on the beach. During the evenings, the tables set on the beach are lit with candles. You can order drinks and snacks from the menu, and enjoy a beautiful evening under the moon-lit sky. The staff at the shack are amazing and treat you very well. They are very friendly and make you feel at home. When it comes to drinks, you must try their cocktail mojito, which is very refreshing. For seafood lovers, their lobster and kingfish offerings are just the right choices. They are very juicy and satisfying. Other items that are a must-try at this place include BBQ fish, beef chilli and veg Hakka noodles. If you like eating good food with your feet in the sand, this is the right place for you! 

Sunbeds near the shack (Image Credit: Sam’s Goan Shack Facebook Page)

With this, we conclude our list of the best beach shacks in Majorda beach. So, what are you waiting for guys? Gather your closest buddies and head down to one of these amazing beach shacks and enjoy a wonderful evening, feasting on some delicious food and refreshing drinks, right in front of the Arabian Sea. Hurry! Make your reservations now!

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