While Chinese cuisine in India first took roots in this country and became a part of the everyday cuisine…Shandong while concentrating on this concept where the chefs have a much broader canvas to work upon, thereby offering an immense variety of cuisines from this region. But besides Chinese, this restaurant also is a Pan Asian specialty serving Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. So on the menu while the roots of the concept are Schezwan, the menu reflects influences from Thailand and Vietnam too. Start with the Sushi California Rolls, a mélange of Japanese cucumber, Baja California Avocado, Back Fin Crab Stick and the sturgeon of flying fish caviar wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed. If that is not a mouthful try Shandong’s signature dishes – Okonomiyaki Japanese Pan Cake toppings chicken and exotic vegetable, the Tori no Karage (traditional fried chicken nuggets served with spicy mayonnaise) or the Tang Tienrou, a legacy from Canton. Crisp Fried Pork is stir-fried in sweet and sour sauce. Mouth watering fare.

And while still in this seductive frame of mind (the unique lightings and interior design features complement and provide the ambience) head over to the mains. The Thai’s have something for every mood. The Cauopxa (steamed red snapper medallion, tom of galangal, lemon grass and cilantro root) is one such to go for. You want a balance of fat and lean meat? Try the Barbecue Pork Ribs, its got a great Thai marinate. Or order the world famous Peeking Duck. Roasted in honey, corn starch and hoi sin sauce, this sin of gluttony would be pardoned. Shandongs got a meal for every mood. And for the ending its Kati, sticky rice cooked in fresh coconut milk served with coconut ice cream. In today’s complicated world here’s something uncomplicated to set the mood and which is presented in a simplistic style.


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