She walked for 26 days to reach Goa!


A walking journey to Goa

Aanchal Dhara Madan, a photographer by profession, decided to test the limits of the human body. Hence, she founded ‘The Audacious Project’ with her husband Prashant Madan. Their maiden project under the brand was ‘Two Feet & A Dream’, which involved a walking journey to Goa.

Aanchal covered 583 Kms from Andheri in Mumbai to Morjim beach in Goa over a span of 26 days. The journey, not a spontaneous decision, involved months of training. This even included a trial journey to Pune from Mumbai in 2014. After a year and a half long training, Aanchal was ready to realise her dream.

Although she wasn’t alone, her husband and a team followed her in a car, assisting her with supplies. This caused many heads to turn during the journey at this unusual sighting. Idea behind the project according to Aanchal and Prashant is t o encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and realise their dreams.