One of the oldest shacks in South Anjuna, Shiva Valley is popular with the old-time hippie and alternative crowd and has superb views of the beach. Though the menu is not too long, they have a bit of everything to satisfy their diverse guests. The Isrealis (south Anjuna at one time was called Little Tel Aviv) get their food including a Special Isreali Breakfast with hummus, pita, fresh fruits, etc, typical of the Mediterranean area, and the Italians get everything from pizzas, pastas to some great bruschettas. They also serve burgers and other fast food, and those so inclined can also try the Tibetan mommos which come with a variety of fillings or Tandoori, all kinds of and beverages and more. The service is very chilled out and relaxed in keeping with the lazy, laidback mood of south Anjuna.

South Anjuna Beach, Anjuna, Goa.


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