Inverter and vehicle batteries at its finest with Shivraj Accumulators

This technological competitive era demands all enterprises and individuals to be highly efficient and fast. With the introduction of batteries, the boost of power has been quite significant. Batteries play a very silent yet important role in the smooth working of any industry or vehicle. Batteries can be found everywhere, right from the inverters and generators in huge industries to commercial and private vehicles. Hence with the changing trends of power, batteries also need to be more efficient and powerful. One such growing and emerging battery plate manufacturer for all types of battery and inverters is M/s Shivraj Accumulators.

Shivraj Accumulators plant
Shivraj Accumulators battery manufacturing plant

The battery tale

Located at Bicholim taluka of Goa, the inverter and vehicle battery manufacturer is a leading supplier to small and large scale battery producers in Western India. Turtle batteries which were incorporated in 2003 by Shivshankar Jirage is a manufacturer of the finest range of sealed lead batteries for private and commercial vehicles, inverters, generator sets, online and offline UPS and battery plates. All the products are manufactured under the brand name of VIN and Turtle.

The inverter and vehicle battery supplier is aimed at providing its customers with the best products and services. Some of the notable features of the products of Shivraj Accumulators is the high cranking power, long life of the batteries, high heat tolerance and vibration resistance. What makes the inverter and vehicle battery manufacturer a reliable one is a hardworking workforce. The team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who are the best in the field of battery plate manufacturing. 


A power source to many

The inverter and battery supplier is a reputed dealer in the field of commercial battery manufacturing. M/s Shivraj Accumulators is an authorised distributor and dealer for reputed brands like Luminous, Exide, Emerson and V-Guard. Apart from these the inverter and vehicle battery enterprise also engage with firms like Vitronics and Ups. M/s Shivraj Accumulators is definitely one that could cater to all your inverter and vehicle battery needs. To know more about M/s Shivraj Accumulators do visit their website or give a call on +91 915898051. 

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