Shruthi Arabekar: From Law to Content Creation


By Prataya Sarkar

Shruthi Arabekar is a lawyer turned content creator from Goa. The story of her life is a testament to the fact that one can never predict where life will take them. Hailing from Reis Magos, Shruthi pursued law at V M Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar, and later became an advocate based in North Goa. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her passion for content creation.

Growing up, like many other children, Shruthi dreamed of becoming a doctor. But after completing her education, she realized that advocacy was her true calling. Despite being a successful advocate, she felt a void in her life and wanted to explore other avenues.

It was then that she joined a political company to broaden her horizons. However, she soon discovered her love for photography and social media. She enjoyed clicking pictures and posting them on Instagram, where she found a platform to express herself creatively.

Shruthi’s Instagram feed is a vibrant and colorful reflection of her personality. She curates her feed with care, ensuring that every picture and video is aesthetically pleasing and well-organized. Brands began to take notice of her content and approached her for collaborations. However, her parents were not initially supportive of her passion for content creation, thinking she was getting into modelling instead of content creation.

Shruti with her parents

Undeterred, Shruthi continued to create content, and it was her consistent efforts that led to collaborations with an influencer who runs a cafe in Siolim. She faces no significant challenges as she loves creating content and sees it as an opportunity to learn something new with each post.

Shruthi’s passion for content creation is evident in her Instagram feed, which has over 24.7K followers. Her posts are carefully crafted to ensure that they resonate with her followers and convey her message. She is always looking for new ways to engage with her audience, whether it is through Instagram stories or reels.

Doing a shoot for a clothing brand at Mall De Goa, Porvorim
Shruti presenting an award to the winner of an event at ‘Anantara’, a college festival organized by Damodar College, Margao

When it comes to her inspiration, Shruthi looks up to content creators like Larissa D’sa and ode_tomytravels. Larissa D’sa’s blogs, in particular, resonate with Shruthi as they are realistic and connect the reader to a particular place, culture, or community.

Shruthi’s journey is far from over, and she has no plans of slowing down. She aspires to meet Kartik Aryan someday, but for now, she is focused on continuing to create content and overcome any hurdles that may come her way.

To young people, Shruthi’s message is clear: stay true to yourself, don’t depend on anyone, and love yourself. Her journey is a testament to the fact that following your passions and being consistent can lead to success.