Siridao Beach Directions, Restaurants, Shopping, Places To Visit


Siridao beach in Goa is located at a distance of 20 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 21 km from Mapusa, 8 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, Siridao Beach is additionally recognized as Shiridon and Xiddona located in North Goa. With coarse sand that lies at the mouth of the river Zuari, Siridao Beach is a stunning place. A paradise for nature lovers, this beach is sure to seize the coronary heart by means of its topography of onlookers with its craggy multi-coloured terrain greeted periodically by way of the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea that creates a charming little puddle. 

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This beach is the best location to be visited by the Nature lovers. The topography is attractively captivating. The turquoise Arabian Sea, the rocky stretch with its a range of little puddles shaped in the crevices, and the seashells picturesquely arrayed at the sea shores, are amongst a range of lovely facets that nature shows at the Siridao Beach. 

The picturesque shores are complemented by the array of seashells that dot the coast, making this the perfect site for those wanting a true taste of natural coastal glamour. Along with its majestic beauty, Siridao beach in Goa is host to some fascinating points of interest.  
The gorgeous chapel of Jesus of Nazareth sits atop a hillock that overlooks the magnificent coastline, giving travelers a breathtaking view of the alluring bay. Rife with ancient Portuguese architecture, this church sees scores of devotees visiting this place for a fantastic Easter feast held here. The beautiful Holy Souls Chapel, built-in 1973 by the famous Lucio Miranda is a beautiful place located in the Siridao village and definitely worth a visit. The entrance to the village is marked by the quirky figures of the three statues playing musical instruments with a dog. 

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Visitors here can also explore the mysterious Siridao cave, a man-made cave carved from a single-cell that dates back to the sixth or seventh century, revered by locals as part of their heritage. It is popularly known as the beach of Shell Collectors.  
One can come across a wide variety of oysters and pearl shells at the beach. Siridao Beach is a sandy and rocky beach where you can see some mysterious caves. Another attraction near this beach is ‘The Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth’ and is situated atop a hill. Thousands of the devotees come to the chapel to pay reverence to Lord Jesus. At Siridao, after Easter, the first Sunday is the feast of Jesus of Nazareth. 

Best Time To Visit Siridao Beach 

Siridao Beach is a beautiful place. The best time to visit Siridao Beach is between October and March as the weather by the beach is pleasant and cool. 

Accommodations in Siridao Beach 

The Cabana Dempo is a beautiful heritage hotel that one can also select to stay out, with authentic Portuguese architectural features. Those looking for more budgeted accommodations can look at staying in the nearby Bambolim. On the border of Bambolim and Siridao Beach, there is Bambolim Beach Resort, offering guests classy amenities and easy access to both beaches. 

Water Sports in Siridao Beach 

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How to reach Siridao Beach 

Siridao Beach can be easily accessed using two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Through the NH-17, public buses run which acts as a barrier between Palem, another half of Siridao. One can drop off at the bus stand and walk as no buses run through the place. 

Goa – Siridao Beach Shell Collections 

All alongside the beach, you can locate boats that are used by the local fishing community. You may discover some special shells as it is well-known for “Shell Collections” additionally lookout for a extensive vary of Oysters and Pearl Shells. Heavenly view of the Zuari river from the tiny hillock 

You can chill out on the seaside for a short period as there is hardly ever something to expect. But simply well worth ready to see the sun setting which is simply mesmerizing.