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Sky Dining Is Taking Goa to New Heights This Valentine’s Day


Everyone’s always on the lookout for fun new offbeat things to do in Goa. Well, there’s been a buzz in the air this past week, and it turns out February is bringing you just the thing that will take your Goa Experience to a whole new level! Say hello to Goa’s latest adventure craze, Sky Dining.

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Fine-Dining in the Sky

Have you ever heard of dining in the sky? Well, it’s time to experience it, right here in Goa. Launching tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, Sky Dining along with the Goa Tourism Dept and Cuba Goa, is bringing to Goa with love, an extraordinary fine-dining experience that is going to mesmerise gastronomy and adventure enthusiasts alike. Made possible by a spark of imagination, a sturdy crane, and a passionate team of professionals, this exclusive dining experience is a must-try.

Sky Dining Sunset

A Hedonistic Adventure Awaits You 

Picture this – suspended at 160 feet in the air, hovering over the Anjuna cliff and looking over the shores, you’re in for some breathtaking views of the horizon, no matter the time of day. And this is just the view that will accompany the delectable gourmet food on your plate and the delicious drinks that go with it. So if you’re the kind who is up for a true hedonistic trip, you know where to head

Sky Dining FoodThe Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

For the more romantic-hearted among you, who may be looking for that ideal date to take your loved one’s breath away, you’re in for a jackpot find! With exclusive seating, unprecedented sunset views and starlit skies, you’re looking at the perfect romantic setting for your Valentine’s date. So if you haven’t finalised on your dinner date tomorrow night or want to up your game this time around, it may not be too late. 

Sky Dining Launch Offer

While the prices may seem a little steep, trust us, there is nothing that can replace the one-of-a-kind experience you’re going to pay for, and we all know that the best things in life aren’t easy to come by. But for those among you who love your once-in-a-lifetime offers, Sky Dining is currently running a launch discount offer of 25% on all bookings online. So now’s the best time to reserve that Sky Dining experience

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to seize the day and head to Sky Dining before they run out! If you’ve already taken the trip to the sky, tell us about your experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.