Small Vagator and Big Vagator

Two scenic beaches in North Goa

Everyone going on a holiday to Goa has probably heard of Vagator beach in North Goa. You’ve probably also heard of the area’s rave and trance parties and easily available drugs. However, contrary to popular belief, whether you’re a party animal or not, these two very scenic beaches are a must-see on any Goan holiday.

Ozran Beach Vagator

The Konkani word for Tiger is Wagh (Vag-athor). They say there was once a time when Tigers roamed the area. No one’s spotted Tigers here in a hundred years, but tigers or not, the village has two very scenic beaches that everyone loves. One is a small coconut-tree-lined small cove called Ozran. The other is a longer expanse of soft white sand. It’s called Tambduki.

The small cove is precisely the place where the hippie culture of the 60’s started. Right there, at that small beach-cove. If you stand up on the cliff top, you can see the beach below in all its inviting shimmering blue glory. In the old days, the path down to the beach wound its way through two freshwater springs. In the hot summer, when the wells went dry, local villagers used those freshwater springs for drinking water. Today those springs have dried up. Instead of the natural winding path, there are two well-made series of steps leading straight down.

small vagator beach North Goa
Shiva Face Small Vagator Beach Pic Credit – Goa Unique

Rock carved Shiva Head

Down at the beach, on the left side, some budding Michaelangelo carved the face of Lord Shiva out of the black volcanic rock that’s at the water’s edge. That particular side of the beach is a great place to swim because the rocks that are out about a half kilometer away in the sea, act as a natural breakwater. As a result, this section of beach has no surf. Unlike the other larger beach on the other side. The waters on this side, are protected from large waves and so are much calmer, and great for kids to swim.

There are a lot of beach shacks here that serve great Goan spicy curries as well as simple sandwiches and that all-time Goan favorite – tender coconut water. And oh, yes, some serve chilled beer and fried prawns too.
If you walk down the right side of the beach and keep walking over the rocks, you’ll finally end up at the larger and equally scenic, Tambduki Beach. Most tourists differentiate between the two beaches by calling the one on the left (small Vagator beach) and the larger one on the right (Big Vagator beach). Another clear-cut difference is that from Big Vagator beach you can see the Chapora Fort up on the hill. It overlooks the beach in all its serenity. That isn’t the case at the Small Vagator beach.

Big Vagator Beach – Vagator Pic Credit – Wikitravel

Tambduki Beach – Vagator

There’s a path going up to the cliff which exists on this side too. Up on the cliff, you get a great view of both beaches. You’ll also find a lot of beach stalls selling trinkets and fun beachwear – key chains made out of seashells, sarongs, beach shorts and stuff like that. During the season, you can get fresh corn baked on hot coals and garnished with freshly sliced lemon juice, red chillie powder and salt – so yummy!

If you feel adventurous, you can always try climbing up the hillside and trying to make it up to the Chapora Fort. Or use the motorable road that climbs up from the side of the Chapora Jetty. The view from up there is fabulous, especially at sunset. Great for taking selfies – Me, the Conqueror of this Chapora Fort!

Whether it’s an evening watching the sunset over the sea or a peaceful early morning walk with the white-breasted sea eagles hovering and gliding the sea wind currents above… you’ll love these two beaches. You’ll want to just lie there in the sand close your eyes and hear that unmistakable roar.


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