Smart Card for alcohol? Only 25 years and above!

Will a ban on advertising alcohol brands on social media, non-consumption of alcohol in public places, limiting the hours of bars and wine stores, shutting down bars within 500 meters of highways put a stop to the use and abuse of alcohol in Goa? Why not introduce a smart card for alcohol? And put an age limit on it? Only 25 years and above!

Smart Cards for alcohol

With all Government measures against alcohol consumption and sale in the trial and error stage, the best solution would be to introduce Smart Cards for the purchase of alcohol. Those 25 years and above to be eligible only.

This smart card, if implemented, will not only restrict under-aged young people from purchasing alcohol but also enable purchasers to determine the amount of money spent and the quantity of alcohol purchased over a period of time. Besides, retailers and vendors will, with one swipe, be able to identify the age of the customer through a special card reader machine.


Implementation is easy

Our Smart Card Driving Licenses contain the magnetic stripes that are required for smart card technology. All that needs to be done is the ‘smart card readers’ need to be procured by alcohol retailers and vendors across Goa and the required additional data fed into the system. Already, smart card driving licences furnish details of name, age and address of the individual. In addition, vendors and retailers will gain access to the quantity of alcohol already purchased by the individual. This will give them full discretion on further sale of the item.

Mortality rate due to alcohol dependence in Goa

According to statistics, the State has witnessed 15,137 cases of alcohol dependency across Goa out of which 1536 people were reported to have died due to alcohol dependence.

Alcohol has plagued many households the world over. Alcoholic parents or alcoholic children – the result, broken homes and destroyed families. The influx of bars and restaurants, night clubs, and casinos in Goa has only compounded the problem. Drinking and partying is a fad among most of the youth today.

A big NO NO!

How to curb this problem. Let’s begin at the grass-root level. A bit of advice to parents which will go a long way in curbing the menace of alcohol dependence. Do not introduce alcohol to your toddler when drinking yourself. It is common among parents who consume alcohol to dip their finger into their alcohol and let the toddlers slurp it up. Do not give your toddlers or children a sip of your alcoholic beverage. Remember all humans have an affinity for alcohol. Most get addicted, only a few don’t!

Successfully implemented elsewhere

The introduction of Smart Cards in UK, USA and Australia have brought down dependency on tobacco and alcohol to a large extent. Why wouldn’t it succeed in Goa? The solution to the problem is simple.

Should the Government consider a smart card for tracking alcohol consumption? Share your comments below.

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1 thought on “Smart Card for alcohol? Only 25 years and above!”

  1. Sir/madam
    It can b consider but with many terms n conditions.
    If a person who doesn’t drink alcohol and if he/she request for ALCOHOL smart card then? They may misuse of smart card. They may giv their sc to others (may sold or rent) who wants to drink alcohol in mor quantity.

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