Snake vomits entire plastic bottle in Goa

In a bizarre event captured on camera, a Spectacled Cobra regurgitated an entire plastic bottle in the village of Karvem-Canacona, Goa.

It is learnt that the Spectacled Cobra entered the village and while swallowing a small rodent, gulped down a plastic bottle from a garbage dump, assuming it is food.


People of the village panicked when they saw the Spectacled Cobra struggling to move. They immediately called snake catcher – Gautam Bhagat, who suggested that as the snake looked extremely uncomfortable, he helped the snake to vomit the bottle.

This previously unheard or unseen of phenomenon is a common occurrence among cattle and stray dogs. They are seen regurgitating plastic waste very often. It however, seems like the first time a snake has regurgitated plastic waste.

One of the reasons for this occurrence is the gowning amount of plastic waste that is not being appropriately disposed of.

Source: Prudent Media

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